Both men are Berlin-born but of Palestinian background. 

The prosecution in Berlin opened its case on Tuesday against Mohamed El-N and  Ali El-I., both of whom are 21-years-old. The men are charged with “planning a massive act of violence.” 

Islamic State was a model for Ali El-I, according to Kaehni. He added that both men were inspired by internet stories [about IS]. The men did not have contact with the Middle East or contact to Salafist circles in Berlin. 

Kaehni said the men assembled the explosives for fun. 

According to the criminal complaint, both men assembled munitions similar to those used interrorist attacks in Tunisia.

Ali El-I approved of Islamic State terror attacks and was fascinated by Islamic State’s terrorism attack in Tunisia in June at a resort hotel. The authorities uncovered Islamic State propaganda on Ali EL-I's mobile telephone. According to the state prosecutor, Al EL-I was determined to detonate explosives targeting Israel’s embassy or another Israeli institution. 

In an email to the Post on Wednesday, the Israeli embassy wrote: “We fully trust in the local authorities to deal with any legal and security matters."


Jerusalem Post