Mon. Jan 11, 2016 News from Israel


  • Police continues investigation of Tel Aviv terrorist collaborators
  • IDF soldiers thwart attempted terror attacks in the West Bank
  • A stabbing attack against synagogue worshipers in France fails

The arrest of a resident of the Arara village who was arrested by undercover policemen on Sunday in suspicion of collaborating with the terrorist Nishat Melhem was extended for nine days by the court on Monday. Meanwhile Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that Israel would not release the body of Nashat Milhem until the family agreed to demands that it ensure the funeral does not turn into a rally in support of terror and incitement to further attacks.


A young Palestinian who threw stones towards Israeli vehicles near Hizma checkpoint in Binyamin on Monday evening was shot and lightly wounded by IDF troops on site. Earlier a Palestinian tried to stab an IDF soldier while undergoing a security check at a roadblock near Jenin. He was shot and injured by another soldier on the scene. In the morning Israeli Security Forces implemented extensive searches in Southern Israel  following a warning that a female terrorist planned to carry out a terror attack.  A suspect who is her family relative was later located by authorities and taken in for investigation in suspicion that he was aiding her. Initial findings determined that the suspected terrorist eventually did not make her way into Israel.

A serious incident was prevented on Monday in Marseille, France. Jewish worshippers outside a synagogue were attacked by a terrorist suspect with a machete. Fortunately, they succeeded to escape from him before significant damage was caused. Initial reports indicated that the suspect was a 16-year-old teenager. Before he fled the scene, he managed to injure one of those present who is a teacher. Moments later, he was captured by Police officers that arrived at the scene. The French Prosecutor's office reported that he is Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin who said he acted in the name of Allah and ISIS.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hit back at those who rushed to blame him for a fire that gutted the B’Tselem human rights group offices in Jerusalem, after an investigation found the blaze was caused by an electric short circuit and not by arson as was initially suspected.

Israeli Police officers arrested Monday a leftist activist who was recently the center of a TV investigative report. This episode was the cause of outrage in the Israeli political system. In the afternoon, officers noticed that the man was traveling towards Ben Gurion International Airport. They started to follow the man, thinking that he was going to pick up visitors in the airport. However, they eventually discovered that he was trying to flee Israel when they spotted him in a check-in line.

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