[VIDEO]'Panorama killer' convicted of murdering Jewish worshippers

[VIDEO]'Panorama killer' convicted of murdering Jewish worshippers

Raed Khalil slaughtered two in Tel Aviv during midday prayers.


A Tel Aviv district court convicted on Thursday the terrorist responsible for a deadly attack in the Panomama building in Tel Aviv last November that left two dead and one wounded.

Raed Khalil, a resident of the town of Dura near Hevron, entered the Panorama building in Tel Aviv on November 19th, 2015, and began stabbing Jews during afternoon prayer services.

In the course of the terror attack, 51-year old Reuven Aviram and 32-year old Aharon Yesayev were killed and a third victim wounded before Khalil was subdued.

Khalil confessed to the killings and plead guilty to two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Witnesses say the attacker entered an improvised synagogue on the second story of the Panorama, where he carried out his gruesome attack, targeting worshippers as they prayed.

Khalil then fled the scene, hoping to barricade himself inside a storage area on the first floor. He then stabbed a third victim before being overpowered by passersby.




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