[VIDEO]Netanyahu: We'll stop transfer of weapons from Iran to Lebanon

Netanyahu: We'll stop transfer of weapons from Iran to Lebanon

Speaking on 10th anniversary of Second Lebanon War, Netanyahu vows Israel will stop attempts to arm Hezbollah.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed on Tuesday that Israel would stop attempts to transfer weapons from Iran to Lebanon.

He made the comments at a speech during the special Knesset debate marking a decade since the Second Lebanon War.

“The Lebanon War has some achievements, but also forced us to do some serious soul-searching. This war was hesitant. We had to roll up our sleeves and start fixing. The process of learning lessons and implementing them continues to this day," said Netanyahu.

"Our border with Lebanon remains quiet, but that is conditional on one thing, effective and continuous deterrence, not a one-time thing, but ongoing," declared the Prime Minister.

"I say to Israel's enemies: We will respond with force to any aggression. Our enemies misjudged us ten years ago, I do not recommend that they try again. The IDF is prepared to deal a difficult blow to our enemies.”

The Prime Minister stressed in his speech that the fight against terrorists is not Israel's alone, and pointed out that the battle against terrorist organizations in the north continues.

"We have acted and will act to prevent the transfer of weapons from Iran to Lebanon and to Hezbollah through Syria," stressed Netanyahu.

Airstrikes attributed to Israel in recent years have targeted Hezbollah positions in Syria, as part of efforts to prevent the terrorist group from obtaining advanced weaponry from Iran in exchange for its support of the Assad regime.

After long maintaining a policy of ambiguity in relation to the airstrikes, Netanyahu recently confirmed for the first time that Israel occasionally conducts military activities in Syria to prevent threats on its borders.

Israel "is active from time to time in Syria," Netanyahu said at a conference last December.




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