[VIDEO]IDF trains medics to treat patients - while under fire

IDF trains medics to treat patients - while under fire

A unique military exercise used a paintball course in the Binyamin region to train medics to give aid under fire.

A unique military exercise took place this morning on a paintball course in Shilo, in the Binyamin region, to trained medics to administer medical aid while under fire.

"We practiced different scenarios as a result of lessons learned from the current terror wave. One of the scenarios involved the medical team arriving to the scene of an incident and charging the enemy, while under fire, in order to extricate and treat the injured," explained Paz Rokach, in charge of military medical procedures in the Binyamin region.

At every stage of the exercise, one medical team practiced extricating the injured, while another simulated the enemy, trying to injure as many soldiers as possible.

"The soldiers shot paint-balls and simulated real-life shooting. The revolutionary exercise provided a situation that closely resembled a real-life incident, and enabled the soldiers to prepare themselves for incidents of this nature in a way that is unprecedented in previous exercises," Rokach explained.

"This is one of the biggest and most significant exercises that I have led in the Binyamin region in recent years."


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