UN buying 'blue and white'

UN buying 'blue and white'

UN procurement from Israel has increased by over one hundred percent over the past two years, new report shows.


Procurement from Israel has increased by over one hundred percent over the past two years according to a recent report released by the United Nations.

The report shows that the UN acquired goods and services from Israel totaling $91.8 million in 2015. In 2014, the UN had purchased $69.8 million, while in 2013 the number had totaled at $45 million.

This year’s total places Israel 40th out of the 193 member-states in terms of procurement from the UN, Israel’s UN mission noted in a statement Friday.

“The UN understands that Israel is the ‘Startup nation’ and that Israeli goods and services of are of the highest quality in the world,” said Israeli’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

“We will continue to promote the Israeli economy and assist and encourage our companies to work with the UN procurement offices,” he continued.

The UN and its agencies’ procurement offices are a significant market which purchases goods and services worth more than $15 billion annually. This includes everything from paper cups to water desalination systems. Most of the Israeli goods purchased by the UN were from the medical, bio-tech, computer and communications industries.

“Israel’s procurement potential at the UN is growing every year and we working to ensure that it continues to do so in the future,” noted Ambassador Danon.

“It makes us proud when blue and white products are purchased and I call on Israeli companies to increase their dealings with the UN,” he concluded.

UN procurement from Israeli companies. Credit: UNGM

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