Bill: Allow police to set conditions on terrorist funerals

The Minister of Public Security, MK Gilad Erdan, is promoting a bill that will grant the Israel Police authority to set conditions on terrorist funerals and prevent the transfer of a terrorist’s body until his family accepts the conditions. 

In recent years there has been a growing phenomenon in which, following terrorist attacks, individuals declare their support for violence, the terrorist and his organization, and call for more attacks of that nature. This is especially common at terrorist funerals, in which banners are raised and eulogies are given in support of terrorist attacks. 

Since the beginning of the recent wave of terrorist attacks, Minister Erdan has instructed the Israel Police to be firm and set strict standards related to terrorist funerals in order to ensure that the ceremony not turn into a platform for incitement and support for the acts of the terrorist. 

Following the terrorist attack on the Temple Mount in July, in which two Border Police officers – Hail Stawi and Kaamil Shanan – were killed, the police placed strict demands on the terrorists’ families from Umm el-Fahm in order for them to be allowed to conduct funerals. The families petitioned the High Court of Justice, which ruled that the Israel Police does not have the legal authority to prevent the transfer of the terrorists’ bodies and their funerals. 

Minister Erdan’s bill is meant to change this, granting Israel Police district commanders the legal authority to impose conditions on funerals if they believe there is a reasonable doubt that the funeral could lead to a terror attack or cause harm to the public.

Minister Erdan: “Terrorist funerals have become stages for incitement, pushing people to commit attacks. My job as Minister of Public Security it to prevent these types of funerals. They will only take place if they meet the requirements of the Israel Police.”

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