The Ministry and emergency agencies prepare for winter

In recent years, Israel has faced extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms, torrential rains and flooding. These events caused property damage and wreaked havoc on a wide scale causing power outages, blocked roads and closed stores. 

Each year, as the winter approaches, the relevant government ministries and national agencies prepare for the winter and formulate plans to reduce damage, save lives, and maintain normalcy. 

The Ministry of public Security is responsible for ensuring the readiness of the government ministries and first responders, and works to achieve synergy in the joint efforts of all those involved. 

The Ministry’s Emergency Preparedness Department has already held two training days this year. The second one was held last week with a workshop involving the Israel Police, Israel Fire and Rescue, the National Emergency Authority, Magen David Adom, the Ministry of Defense, the National Security Council and additional ministries. In addition, national agencies such as the Israel Electric Company, the National Transport Infrastructure Company and the Israel Meteorological Service also took part. 

Last week’s training day began with a presentation by the Head of the Ministry’s Emergency Preparedness Department, Yisrael Avishar, who summarized recent major weather events throughout the world. Afterwards, Haim Nudelman, head of emergency preparedness in the Ministry, discussed the Ministry’s response strategy, which combines operational readiness with civilian efforts. 

The training day also included presentations from a Doctor of Ecology, Head of the Operations Unit in the Israel Police, representatives from the National Information Directorate in the Prime Minister’s Office, head of the Emergency Department in the Jerusalem Municipality and more. 

Acting Director General, Eliezer Rosenbaum, was the final presenter, and he emphasized the importance of cooperation on the part of all those involved in emergencies.

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