Global Christians and Jews sanction EU decision

Yesterday, the EU conspired with the Arab League to oppose the resolution of the United States and Israel's capital city Jerusalem. They bought all of us regardless of the interests of Christians and Jews in holy places. From now on, Christians and Jews should courageously awaken and oppose these evil countries Plot, this is a war of justice and evil:

1, not with Germany, France, Britain and any Arab countries to establish relations of cooperation,

2, do not travel to European countries and Arab countries

3, do not buy these national products, use our pockets to swear dissatisfaction with their evil,

4, do not promote the propaganda of these countries, sanctions them

5. It is foolish for us to supply the people who oppose Israel and us with money before. Now we say to them: "No," do not buy the wicked products

6, Please urgently for Jerusalem and Trump pray, ask the Lord to help lead

7, do not be silent Christians, it is time for everyone to show their righteousness!


(Please translate into various languages forwarded out)


Jerusalem Prayer Watch Alliance


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