Israel: A revolution in converting buildings to hotels

Amendment to the Planning and Building Law: Local committees now authorized to approve the conversion of buildings designated for office/commercial/workshops to hotel use. 
Tourism Ministry Yariv Levin: “In light of the record-breaking incoming tourism figures and the upward trend that has continued for more than a year, we anticipate that many property owners will see the great business potential in conversion to hotel use. This initiative joins the many others that the Tourism Ministry has spearheaded in the last two years, in order to ease the process for entrepreneurs and increase the supply of accommodation options in Israel, which will in turn lead to reduced prices and increased demand.”
Jerusalem, December 26, 2017- A dramatic shortening of the process of converting hotels into building. Yesterday (Monday), a second and third reading of an amendment to the Planning and Building Law passed in the Knesset, which is set to revolutionize the conversion of buildings into hotels and add dozens more hotels in Israel. The move is expected to increase competition in the hotel sector and lead to lower prices.
The amendment gives the Local Planning and Building Committee the authority to approve the conversion of buildings designated for commerce, offices and workshops into hotels. This means a dramatic shortening of the process of converting buildings into hotels. Until now, in order to convert the designation of a building to hotel use, it was necessary to make a request to the local committee and then the regional committee, a time-consuming process. 
It should be noted that the Ministry of Tourism gives entrepreneurs a grant of up to 33% of the cost of converting buildings into hotels throughout the country, with the exception of Tel Aviv and Herzliya. 
In light of the increase in tourism and the record breaking number of tourist arrivals to Israel, the Ministry of Tourism anticipates a significant response to this new amendment, both by property owners and entrepreneurs and by those local authorities interested in developing the business economy in their area.

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