We should capture the major events that took place in the world for the first time, give full play to the current events and observe the values of the media, supervise the government, help the society and let the public live in a social environment where the rule of law, confidence, holiness and ethics are honored.


Global News Center Founder Mr. Liu Xiang Yong環球新聞中心創辦人劉祥永先生


 Founded in July2012 by Mr. Liu Xiang Yong, an internationally renowned cultural media company, Global Press Center is legally registered by the Hong Kong government and protected by the International Media Convention. Global News TV is an online online news media hosted by the Global Press Center. It conducts news communications around the world within 4 hours. We hold the media principle of "justice and truthfulness", respect the value of the Bible, lead the people in building our faith, legal system and fraternity Social environment!


Since the launch of the Global Press Center, we have interviewed a number of prominent international experts in politics, commerce, culture and the arts. In Hong Kong and Malaysia, we have also produced a series of videos on humanistic topics. From September to October 2016, Visit Israel for Israel s First International Media Conference and Receive Interview with Israeli Cultural Ministry!




Global News Center produced a series of cultural and humanistic films in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and founded Global Media s online online news media around 2014 and later named Global News TV






劉祥永先生與IDC荷茲利亞戰略和年度主席國防軍將軍少校。Gen.(res。)Amos Gilead 先生合影

劉祥永先生與以色列國防軍前南方司令部總司令Yom Tov Samia將軍合影


From September to October 2016, Mr. Liu Xiang Yong, founder of Global Information Center, visited the State of Israel and was interviewed by Israeli cultural authorities. At the Israeli parliament, he participated in the memory of former Israeli President Ximeng Perez


Israel s Parliament 以色列國會

Mr. Liu Xiang Yong 2016 in the Israeli Parliament劉祥永先生2016年在以色列國會

International Activities國際活動

Mr. Liu Xiang Yong attended the first international media conference in Israel in September 2016 and accepted the Israeli media s visit to exchange and study with nearly 300 cultural media experts from around the world



In keeping with the principle of just media, Global Press Center does not set up commercial advertising services because media and businesses should be separated to avoid media repercussions from being affected by businesses. Therefore, the operation mode of Global Media is a non-commercial business model that relies on social forces to solve business problems Need, thank you for your support!