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Global News Centre, a media organization, was established in 2002 through legal registration in The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The main business of Global News Centre is international news reporting.  the centre operates under the principles of: “striving to report with righteousness and to be a news media that serve with conscience”. Concerning the stance in news reporting, Global News Centre insists on supporting Israel through media communications and opinions.

At the moment, Global News Centre offers news, technology, cultural and military programs in Chinese as well as English channels broadcasted through internet data servers, tablet PCs and mobile phone terminals. Classified as new media or digital news media, our broadcasting format is widely accepted by users from all over the world. Our brief media brand name is +NEWS TV where “+”represents the cross of salvation by Jesus Christ, the Son of the righteous God, and reflects our desire to follow the spirit of salvation and righteousness of Jesus Christ in promoting to the international community, opinions and statements of righteousness and love. With a pursuit for righteousness heart, innovative thinking and excellent quality, we strive to work our place into the international community.

環球新聞中心成立於2012年,是經過香港政府登記註冊的合法媒體機構,英文全稱是:GLOBAL NEWS CENTRE ,主要業務是從事國際新聞報導,我們的宗旨是:“追求公義的報導,做一家有良知的新聞媒體”。環球新聞中心在報導立場上也是一家秉公支持以色列媒體機構,堅持按照公義與中立的角度支持以色列。


城市之光-環球新聞網!目前,環球新聞中心設立有中文頻道與英文頻道,有新聞節目、科技節目、文化節目、也有軍事節目,是透過網絡數據、平板電腦、手機終端等新傳輸手段對外傳播。在專業上可以稱作新媒體,或者是數字新聞媒體,受眾來自全球各地,我們的媒體品牌為簡稱是:+NEWS TV,+是代表公義神的兒子耶穌基督救贖的十字架,即我們繼承耶穌基督救贖與公義的精神,向國際社會傳揚公義與愛的言論。我們追求公義的心志、創新的思維與卓越的品質,力求在國際社會上佔有一席之地!