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English  · 07. March 2017
US President Donald Trump Calls Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

English  · 17. February 2017
Hello Mr. President - A selection of historic first meetings between US presidents and Israeli prime ministers

English  · 17. February 2017
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Wednesday, 15 February 2017), in Washington DC, at the White House, made the following remarks at the start of his joint press conference with US President Donald Trump:

English  · 26. October 2016
Addressing event via video, Republican candidate vows to stand ‘side-by-side with the Jewish people’; Pence says ‘Israel’s fight is our fight’
English  · 25. October 2016
Senators, Congressmen call on World Heritage Committee to vote against ‘yet another attempt to rewrite history’

English  · 21. August 2016
Republican presidential nominee blasts Obama over the United States' $400 million payment to Iran.

English  · 04. August 2016
is chairman of joint chief of staff give seise NK OTA Ward during honor guard ceremony in Washington
10. June 2016
Speaking to Evangelical voters in Washington, Republican candidate says Clinton ‘unfit’ to be president

English  · 08. June 2016
Stressing warm ties with Moscow, PM says there’s ‘no alternative’ to Washington’s friendship, but Jerusalem seeking other ‘partnerships’ as well
English  · 23. May 2016
House version of National Defense Authorization includes AIPAC-backed provisions to bolster cooperation

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