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English  · 28. November 2016
As PM announces acquisition of 17 additional planes, senior officer gushes over new stealth aircraft, due to arrive next month

English  · 21. November 2016
President Rivlin lays wreath in memory of the victims of the Mumbai attacks, meets Jewish community leaders, and concludes visit by unveiling a memorial plaque for the victims of the Chabad House terror attack (Communicated by the President’s Spokesperson)

20. November 2016
MK Rachel Azaria dismisses ‘unfounded’ allegation, insists women should serve in combat units because they’re ‘good soldiers’

English  · 05. November 2016
In a complex enforcement operation, inspectors of the Israel Antiquities Authority seized a papyrus that includes the earliest reference to Jerusalem in an extra-biblical document, which is written in ancient Hebrew script and dates to the time of the Kingdom of Judah

English  · 28. September 2016
A personal appreciation of a leader who touched more Israeli lives than any other, and certainly affected mine

English  · 27. August 2016
White House says recent encounters between Iranian vessels and American warships in the Gulf are unacceptable.

English  · 25. July 2016
Officials have ‘not ruled out’ Islamist motive, says Bavaria’s top security official after third attack in a week

15. April 2016
An IDF officer insists neither Hamas nor Israel wants to duke it out, but both sides seem to be gearing up for the next fight