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English  · 26. November 2016
Small fires still being quenched in Jerusalem hills; firefighters to stay on high alert through the week; at least 35 people, mostly Palestinians, held on suspicion of arson or incitement

English  · 26. November 2016
No rain expected for several days; some Israelis return to fire-hit homes to assess damage, but Nataf still off limits; air pollution reported across country; arson probes continue

English  · 24. November 2016
Over 75,000 evacuated from Haifa; fires rage in Galilee, Jerusalem foothills; Druze villagers open homes to evacuees as Palestinian firefighters pitch in

English  · 25. September 2016
Palestinians in the Strip facing growing economic despair, arrested reconstruction and no hope for the future, senior officer says

17. April 2016
Buildings and bridge collapse in 7.8-magnitude temblor near coast; death toll expected to rise after ‘worst seismic event in decades’